What is Virtual Football betting and how to play

There are quite a few different virtual sports for avid gamers and bettors to wager on. However, virtual football is probably the most popular of them all. When you play virtual football, you basically need to try and predict the outcome of matches in a tournament. It’s essentially like actual sports betting, except a random number generator (RNG) determines the outcome. It’s not based on a team’s overall skills and ability, because a real match isn’t actually taking place. There are various different strategies that you can utilise when it comes to placing bets on virtual soccer too. These are what we’re going to look at here. They will give you plenty of information on the best methods of playing this virtual sport.
Before we get to that though, you may need to know a few of the basics relating to placing wagers on such events. The main difference between virtual football and actual football – apart from the reality versus virtual factor – is that the virtual version doesn’t last as long. A standard football match is 90 minutes played in two 45-minute sections. Virtual football, on the other hand, is something that you can place wagers on every 90 seconds – 3 minutes. And like the sports betting world, you simply need to choose what kind of bet you would like to place on a game and then proceed with such. It’s simple. However, here are some tricks on how to place wagers and what to watch out for.

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Virtual Football Tips and strategy: placing your bets and playing

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to virtual football betting, is that a Virtual Football League Season has 30 match days in it. Each of these days starts with a pre-match, lasting for 60 seconds. This 60 seconds is when you need to have placed your bets for that particular match day. Now, this may seem like a small timeframe in which to complete such. And it is. However, this is solely for one of the 30 match days. With this being the case, you can also place bets for other match days before they even begin. So, if your current match day is number five for example, you can still place bets on markets for match day 22 etc. This is obviously prior to kick-offs for that day.
virtual football tips
Following the pre-match time period, the complete set of matches that will play out on that day are shown. These games will then play, with scores being updated as they occur. The winning team is generally highlighted as the game progresses too. You’ll also be able to watch “live streams” (virtual constructions) of the matches, whenever you click on them. This live stream can be turned on or off at most platforms. You can also view things like the formation of the teams, the current season and match-day and current Win-Draw-Loss records.
As far as placing the actual bets go, there’s generally more than one option for this. As in standard sports betting, you’ll have options like betting on a match featuring Under/Over a certain amount of goals. You’re able to bet on the correct score, who scores the first goal, the first half result, full time result and more. If you’ve already dabbled in sports betting, then the potential wagers for virtual sports will look somewhat familiar to you too. Whichever market you want to place a stake on, just click on the odds, enter the amount you want to bet and proceed onwards.

Virtual Football betting secrets and systems

There are certain things to keep in mind when it comes to betting on virtual football. As in all gambling efforts, remember to wager responsibly. Start out with smaller bets and inform yourself on how virtual football works. Then, if you find things easier to understand, increase the stake amount. Furthermore, remember that the outcome of a virtual football match is determined by a RNG software. This does not mean that skill of a player or height of a team will have such a strong effect on the outcome of a match. That being said, you can utilise the statistics and results of previous matches and seasons to make informed bets on virtual football and increase winning possibilities. It’s time to prove those virtual football tips, join William Hill and go to play virtual soccer. You can also take advantage of a very interesting welcome bonus!